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Important Dates 

At Lane's Dance Academy, all of our children's classes are paid monthly pro rata however, ​we try to follow holidays alongside the school half terms where possible. ​Here is a helpful calendar to know when the start and finish of each term are and how many weeks in length they run for each time as these do differ with the national holidays.

We take all of the main public holidays off in between terms which include
Halloween Weekend
Christmas Holidays 
Easter Break
May Break
Summer Holidays

These should be similar your Child's school half terms. 
All are between 5-9 weeks in length depending when the holiday dates fall.
Please check the Calendar regularly for any updates or changes throughout the year.

All important dates such as performances and dance exams are also highlighted.

How to use the calendar : Yellow highlighted = Dancing is on! No highlight = No Dancing Today, Stars = Special Events

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