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Dance Classes For Adults in Denton & Haughton Green


Children's Dance Classes
5:00pm Mini Movers age 3-5
5:30pm Street Dance age 7-11
6:15pm Street Dance age 11-16

Adult Dance Classes
7:30pm Latin Solo
8:30pm Ballroom Couples
9:30pm Ballroom Couples Practice



Children's Dance Classes
5:00 pm Mini Movers age 3-5
5:30 pm Mini Stars age 5 & 6
6:15 pm Kicks & Splits age 7+


Children's Dance Classes
9:00 am Mini Movers age 3-5
9:30 am Mini Stars age 5 & 6
10:15 am Movie's & Musicals age 7-11
11:00 am Strictly Kids age 7-11
11:45 am Kicks & Splits age 7+
12:30 pm Ballroom & Latin age 11-16
1:15pm Movies & Musicals age 11-16


Ballroom Dance Classes for Adults in Denton
Ballroom Dance Classes For Adults In Denton

Where can you find us?

We are at the top of Two Trees Lane in Haughton Green Denton in the Methodist Church. Car Parking onsite.



Haughton Green Methodist Church

Two Trees Lane Denton

M34 7GL

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